Born in Aalborg, Denmark in December 1966. I was raised by my dad who also introduced me to BW photography and hours of exciting learning at locations and the infamous darkroom. As a young Teenager (age14) I was introduced to the world of clubbing when I entered the Danish “DJ of the Year” competition, witch I won! I worked as a dj/radio host on one of the first local radios in Denmark (1983). We listened to:
Queen: Radio Gaga
Lionel Richie: All Night Long
Falco: Der Kommissar
Kim Wilde: Kids In America
Duran Duran: Hungry Like The Wolf
Eurythmics: Sweet Dreams In my early teens I was educated as a electro mechanic technician but never used it. On the side I pursued a career as a DJ on both the radio and the club platform. I got the opportunity to be the first danish host on a morning TV show at local TV station. The show was named “Candyfloss” and featured me wearing pink shirts! I was the first non commercial TV host to present Wham’s super hit “Last Christmas” back in 1984. After serving 12 month in the Royal Danish military service, I once again turned my attention to the creative world of music and images. My very best friend (Dino) and I got our hands on a powerful Macintosh computer (back then in 1990 it was a Macintosh IIfx - the system ran at a clock rate of a then impressive 40 megahertz!!!) and started learning graphic applications such as Aldius Pagemaker, Freehand, MacDraw and Photoshop. Graphic design captured my imagination and I began learning and creating funny stuff that lead me into the world of creating TV commercials. As a young man I did not have any limits and ventured into producing several music videos, TV commercials and company presentations. I was headhunted to be the chief producer at the second largest TV station in Denmark at the time (TV Fynboen). I got involved in the production of a Car VHS for sale to private usage. I was now based in Århus Denmark. It was about that time I had the diagnose “Diabetic” - witch came as a huge non pleasant surprise. The condition limited me for a short period of time as I had to adjust to the new situation. After a few years as a freelance producer in various cities in Denmark I moved “back home” where I opened a CD store (PopShop) with my friend Dino [AKA MisterMinsk]. Not the greatest success but with a cool number of learnings into the business world, from where I once again headed back to the world of DJ’ing. As a DJ I got to go to places around the world, Stockholm, London, Genéve, Oslo, Bergen, Copenhagen and of course my hometown Aalborg. I spend a few years living in Estonia where I got my formal training as a photographer. In 1996 I met the "love of my life" Camilla, who later became the mother of my two wonderful kids, Alexander (2001) & Annebell (2004). I got interested in Photography again and got my first Digital camera in 1999 (a Kodak DC20). I started a WEB solution company called DropZone. I had 3 employees. We created web spaces for the night life world of denmark, multimedia productions to various local, national ad international firms. I got a job as department manager at the worlds second largest manufacturer, of envelopes for the Photographic industry, ICEA, and brought them up to date in the digital production methods and well into the future of graphical design and production. Among the tasks was costumer service, guidance, education and handling. I also was in charge of creating the major design for the company at Photokina and other major trade fairs. Skydiving was a huge hobby of mine and I made a total of 399 jumps in a period of 2 years. Combining the trills and my skills I managed to put together a Skydiving Free Fall Team (Team Nitro) with a huge sponsorship from the legendary and highly advanced german canopy firm Nitro. In 2002 I founded the model site Modeltypes.eu whom set the standard for this type of sites in Scandinavia. (Discontinued) I spend two years at the danish mobile telephone company Sonofon (Later Telenor) mainly doing two things, Costumer service and Team leader for the new software test and develop team. In 2004 I turned self employed once again. My focus was Photo, Photo and Photo. I managed to land a few super deals with major Danish & International magazines such as: Gear, Streetfire Magazine, Aller, M!, FHM, V-MAX and Scratch magazine... I have the luxury of being able to convey my knowledge of photo editing to a larger crowd. I love to pass on tips and tricks, and I started teaching Photoshop on different levels. I have even been writing my very own literature to support the classes I teach. In early 2007 I launched the e-magazine eXposure. The magazine is all about promoting Models, Photographers, Soft & Hardware tests. After 3 busy years The magazine was closed in May 2010. (Discontinued) Spring 2009 - I am in total sadness of my father's passing - I owe him great respect and most of the standpoints in my life. He has been a great inspiration to me. R.I.P. and may your god be with you whom ever he may be. Two weeks after my dads passing my wife and I divorced. 14,5 years has passed with a beautiful marriage, I hope she will be happy in her coming life. Luckily for me I have gained 2 clever, intelligent and beautiful children from the time spend. They are and will always be my treasures though out my life. In 2009 I became Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop
In 2010 I became Adobe Certified Instructor in Photoshop My beautiful girlfriend Bettina is a huge part of my life. I appreciate the many hours spend with her at home, in the studio and when we are out. I worth-ship every second we spend together... 2011 - February Currently I am employed as a creative College Teacher at Media College Aalborg, with main focus on Photoshop, Camera Raw & Bridge + teaching Photography. In 2012 I became Adobe Education Leader in Photoshop Dec 2014 - Completed the new Claus Hassing Music video - Hotel Room. I did all the video recordings and the editing. Watch it here: http://youtu.be/-XuM7JPvyXg 2015- I just added a brand new DJI Inspire 1 drone to my range of equipment. Now i'm making ariel video and still images. Jan 2015- Just got a new assignment - Creating a bramd new video for Claus Grønborg - to hit new version of a super 80's hit. It's gonna be a summer hit in Denmark for sure. --- --- --- --- --- --- Today I have 4 main focus areas. My kids
Photo editing
Collecting for the race against Cancer

Flemming Krøll
25th December 1966
Alexander (Born 2001)
Annebell (Born 2004)
YES! Bettina ;) Things You got to know about me: Occupation:
Dad, Photographer, College Teacher, Lover, Boyfriend, Editor, Guest Speaker Favorite Camera:
Canon 5D mkIII Favorite topics:
Creative Photography
Creative Editing
My Kids, Alexander & Annebell
Music (80-90’s)
Roller skating (Side by Side)
Traveling Favorite place on earth:
California, Florida, Spain and Minsk (Bella Russia) Personal motto’s:
“Life is hard but unfair!”
“Make the best of every second”
“Smile - it’s contagious” Literature by Me: •Photoshop CC2014 Beginner
•Photoshop CC2014 Rutine
•Photoshop CC2014 Advanced •Camera Raw - How to use
•Objects Retouched
•Human Female Retouche
•Human Retouch
•Brige - an overview My goals: •To be the best dad in the world to my kids
•To become in the Top 10 of the worlds most advanced photoshop editors
•To write a book on Photoshop •To take up Skydiving again
•Never to regret anything again
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